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Between 2005 and 2007 the Evaluation and Capitalisation Division (EVA) conducted several ex post evaluations of microfinance institutions (MFIs) operating in both urban and rural areas. A specific focus for these missions – based on MFIs established in Cameroon, Mali and Madagascar – was placed on financing for the rural and agricultural world which remains widely excluded from banking systems, whereas there is an increasing demand for financing to meet their needs. Only 5 to 6% of the agricultural world in Africa has access to banking services.

This paper aims to learn lessons from AFD’s experience via case studies based on different contexts and projects with different levels of maturity.

These ex post evaluations of AFD operations aimed to analyse how MFIs are organised – in terms of governance, the appropriateness of their range of products and financial services, their refinancing methods, their development strategies and the type of donor support they benefit from – in order to help them to meet the specificities of the agricultural world and achieve their financial viability and sustainability.

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Alain RIES
Frédéric GORSE
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