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NENGO: Helping in the Healing of Sexual Violence Victims in the Central African Republic

With sexual violence rife in the Central African Republic, the Nengo project was set up in 2020 to help women overcome physical, psychological and social trauma. Since then, what progress has been achieved? In the approach to International Women's Day on March 8, we look at the collective effort to tackle a nationwide scourge.
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Shared Innovation

More Rwandan Public Services are going Digital with the support of AFD

Numérique Rwanda
Paper records and old computer networks in the health, education and environment sectors often make even the most basic transactions difficult and can prevent systems from operating efficiently. Digitizing records can allow access to important information at opposite ends of the country and facilitate access to crucial services. Rwanda's Minister of Finance and AFD's Director in Rwanda signed a 37-million-euro loan and a 1.2 million euro grant for a project that aims to improve Rwanda's public services through digitization, innovation and support.
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Shared Innovation

AFD Digital Energy Challenge: Boosting Energy Access across Africa through Innovation

Lauréats Digital challenge
The Digital Energy Challenge has awarded 10 start-ups and utility companies for coming up with some of the most innovative approaches to providing electricity in Africa. From “mini-grids” connecting off-grid rural and island communities in Kenya, to consumer apps that track electricity consumption in real time in Niger, the awards highlighted for the second year cutting-edge technological advances emerging across the continent.
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Shared Innovation

The DIRECCT program: Digitizing Health, Education and Business to Provide a Shield from Shocks

Programme Direcct
The DIRECCT program works in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries to support connectivity and digitization in the healthcare, education and small-business sectors. It helps these sectors better cope with current and future shocks, such as pandemics or economic crises. Experts discussed how to advance the technology further at a recent seminar in Paris, which saw the launch of several new joint projects.
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Shared Innovation

Kheira Benaissa, The Woman Transforming Organic Waste into Biogas

Kheira Benaissa
As part of its “Shared Innovation” series, Agence Française de Développement (AFD) is showcasing innovative programs that have been developed in its partner countries.

Kheira Benaissa, head of the Algerian start-up, Green AI, has developed an innovative process that combines household gas production with environmental conservation. Kheira, a PhD student specializing in waste management, has been awarded the Emerging Mediterranean 2022 Special Prize for Female Entrepreneurship.
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Shared Innovation

Winners of AFD’s Digital Challenge: 2021 Edition

Collage Digital Challenge
Since 2016, AFD Digital Challenge has rewarded the most innovative African start-ups and research teams working with digital technology and the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa. After five years of existence, 35 African start-ups have benefited from financial support and coaching to help them scale up.
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