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AFD News

Finance as a Fulcrum for change

Development depends on various kinds of finance, from grants to investment. AFD Group has begun to develop a number of incentive loans, where pricing is indexed to the progress made by borrowers in terms of their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices. This not only allows AFD to continue to fund a large number of projects; it provides additional incentives to make sure development projects are fully sustainable.
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Shared Innovation

Neglected Diseases and Covid-19: Innovative Research and Development Strategies

DNDi Mobile Screening for Sleeping Sickness
In our series on “Shared Innovation”, AFD highlights innovative programs created or developed in our partner countries. The race for a coronavirus vaccine casts into sharp relief existing inequalities of global public health. Tropical diseases affecting more than one billion people attract only a fraction of the funding for illnesses affecting people in the north. But this is changing, with innovative forms of investment and collaboration increasing the affordability of neglected diseases. That could help pave the way to a widely available vaccine for Covid-19.
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Shared Innovation

Covid-19 in Rwanda: Delivering Drugs by Drone

zipline afd
In our series on “Shared Innovation”, AFD highlights innovative programs created or developed in our partner countries.

Imaginative modes of transport are being harnessed to transport vital medicines, blood tests and supplies in Rwanda, in a partnership that will facilitate care for the ill and the vulnerable. Californian start-up Zipline makes the deliveries by drone – the kind of operation that was once the stuff of science-fiction. As the coronavirus spreads, the delivery system allows medical staff across the country to transport and process blood tests quickly, and thereby keep a close eye on who may be at risk.
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Shared Innovation

Anti-Malaria Ointment Offers Protection from Deadly Disease

burkina paludisme afd
As part of our series on “Shared Innovation”, AFD is highlighting innovative programs created or developed in our partner countries.

Even before the coronavirus pandemic reached the continent, Africa has long had to deal with another potentially deadly disease. Malaria affects and kills more people in Africa than anywhere else in the world. The latest attempt to rein in the disease is bearing fruit. Two young entrepreneurs in Burkina Faso have developed a low-cost ointment, which contains both moisturizing and mosquito-repellent properties.

The product – currently awaiting WHO approval – is an example of how sometimes “low-tech” scientific innovations can save lives.
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Shared Innovation

Tackling Covid-19: Vietnam's Recipe for Success

Morning rush hour traffic in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) © Morgan Ommer / NOI Pictures / AFD
In our “Shared Innovation” series, AFD highlights innovative programs created or developed in our partner countries.

Vietnam, with its 96 million inhabitants - and despite its proximity to China – stands as an example of effective management of the Covid-19 crisis: as of 28 April 2020, the country had 270 reported cases, and no deaths.

An analysis.
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