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Shared Innovation

Digital Africa: Seed Funds for Start-ups

start-up innovation AFD Digital Africa
As part of its "shared innovation" series, AFD highlights innovative programs that have been created, developed or encouraged in its partner countries.

Six partners with expertise in supporting innovative companies have been appointed to manage the Seed Fund by Digital Africa, which AFD launched one year ago. Despite the health crisis, the first start-ups have started to emerge.
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Shared Innovation

7 Innovative Projects using Data to Combat Covid-19

AFD's “Shared Innovation” series highlights innovative programs created or developed in our partner countries.

AFD, Expertise France and The GovLab have launched call for projects that will use data to combat Covid-19. The goal is to unlock the potential of under-exploited data, as part of the #Data4COVID19 challenge – with a focus on Africa. This call for innovative, data-based proposals aims to address the economic, social and health challenges caused by Covid-19 across the continent. Some 80 project proposals were submitted. Here are the seven winners.
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Shared Innovation

Gabon: Using DNA to Hunt Poachers

Gabon, poaching, forests
In our series on “Shared Innovation”, AFD highlights innovative programs devised and developed in our partner countries.

Poaching poses a major threat to the survival of numerous species – many of which are endangered. How to tackle it? In Libreville, the National Agency for the Preservation of Nature has just set up a wildlife genetic analysis laboratory financed by AFD and the World Bank. By analyzing DNA samples, it is now possible to trace and identify those involved – and prosecute offenders.
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Shared Innovation

Made in Cameroon: Specially Designed Incubators for premature babies

Neonatal incubator Cameroon AFD
In our series on “Shared Innovation”, AFD highlights innovative programs devised and developed in our partner countries.

At his "fablab" or fabrication laboratory called “AUI-Techno,” Serge Armel Njidjou has designed neonatal incubators specifically for his native Cameroon, where power outages can put foreign-built incubators out of commission. Using solar energy for back-up power and other innovations, Njidjou has become a torchbearer in the fight against premature infant mortality. In this interview, he tells us about an award-winning project that could help hundreds of thousands of families across the continent.
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