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Shared Innovation

Winners of AFD’s Digital Challenge: 2021 Edition

Collage Digital Challenge
Since 2016, AFD Digital Challenge has rewarded the most innovative African start-ups and research teams working with digital technology and the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa. After five years of existence, 35 African start-ups have benefited from financial support and coaching to help them scale up.
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Shared Innovation

A Smart App for Sustainable Fishing in Mexico

PescaData App
As part of our “Shared Innovation” series, AFD is highlighting innovative programs created or developed in our partner countries.

The Mexican NGO Cobi and local fishers have developed a new smart phone app that enables fishers to track and monitor animal populations, including birds, sea mammals, fish, and crustaceans. This innovation, supported by the French Facility for Global Environment  and AFD will be featured at the One Ocean Summit, the international summit devoted to ocean conservation, to be held in Brest, France, on February 9–11.
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Shared Innovation

Data4Covid19: Awards for Open Data Champions

With the onset of the global Covid pandemic, scientists and researchers set out to find solutions to the health crisis not only in the West, but across Africa as well. Experts examined human behavior in reaction to the rapidly spreading pandemic, and to mark the WHO’s two-year long fight against the pandemic, we examine the innovative projects developed by the winners of the Data4Covid19 challenge. The aim: to combat Covid-19 in Africa by facilitating the production of information using open data.
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Shared Innovation

Women Entrepreneurs in Africa Take on the Digital Industry

Jeunes africaines développant leurs compétences technologies avant de chercher un emploi dans ce secteur © Backdrop Agency / AFD Proparco
In the series “Shared Innovation,” AFD highlights innovative programs encouraged, created, or developed in our partner countries.

Matina Razafimahefa from Madagascar and Nelly Chatue-Diop from Cameroon are showing how women can take a leading role in entrepreneurship in Africa. These female start-up leaders are breaking the glass ceiling by innovating in digital training and cryptocurrency, and setting an example for the next generation. A profile of two women who broke new ground in more ways than one.
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