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NENGO: Helping in the Healing of Sexual Violence Victims in the Central African Republic

With sexual violence rife in the Central African Republic, the Nengo project was set up in 2020 to help women overcome physical, psychological and social trauma. Since then, what progress has been achieved? In the approach to International Women's Day on March 8, we look at the collective effort to tackle a nationwide scourge.
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Fighting Fake News in the Middle East: the Surprising Benefits of Fact Checking

Tremblement de terre Turquie
Following the earthquakes that devastated communities across Turkey in February, misinformation spread rapidly, exacerbating the emotional toll it took on victims and families. Fact-checkers around the region, as part of the Qarib project, rallied to combat the surge in fake news. Ahead of International Fact Checking Day this Sunday, we highlight new initiatives and tools that promote accuracy in media.
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Suriname: Improving Waste Treatment for a Cleaner Environment and Better Human Health

Déchets Suriname
Open rubbish dumps, rapidly expanding landfills and the open-air burning of waste are damaging both the environment and human health in Suriname. Lacking infrastructure and robust regulation, the small country on the northeastern coast of South America is struggling to cope with a rising amount of waste. That's why AFD and the Inter-American Development Bank are backing studies to pave the way to an integrated solid waste management system. We speak to experts at both banks to find out more.
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“We Cannot Develop Sustainably if we Lack the Resources”

Medellin, Colombia
Often overlooked in discussion of development are the financial and strategic changes required to shift economies from fossil fuels to greener alternatives – and the need to overcome lingering debt. In an interview with AFD, Colombian Deputy Finance Minister Diego Guevara calls for dialogue on the debt of emerging economies to meet the challenges of climate change.
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CSOs: Call for Expressions of Interest 2023

Appel à manifestation d’intention de projet OSC 2022
To support civil society organizations (CSOs) in the field of development and international solidarity, AFD is launching a new call for expressions of interest and project proposals for financing in 2024. The Call is for French CSOs and local CSOs in partner countries, and is open until 15 May 2023.
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