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AFD News

Sustainable Transport on Track in Peru

Peru urban mobility intelligent transport
An initiative in Peru, in which old, public vehicles are being sent to the junkyard to make room for new, less polluting buses and vans, is getting a boost. AFD, KfW and the European Union are providing a €5.4 million grant for the program to send old vehicles, known as “chatarreos” to the junkyard as part of an effort to develop sustainable and intelligent transport systems.
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Economic transition Strategy: "Centring the Economy on People and the Planet"

Economic transition - Centring the Economy on People and the Planet
Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals also means transforming the economy. AFD Group’s Strategy for the economic and financial transition is supporting this change of approach. We speak to Emmanuelle Riedel-Drouin, Director of AFD’s Economic and Financial Transition Department, Jean-Marc Liger, Director of Strategy and Prospective at Proparco, and Isabelle Valot, Director of the Economic and Financial Governance Department at Expertise France.
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On the Ground

Meeting the Urgent Need for Jobs in Gaza

Gaza, ANGE Project: Access to employment for Gazans
Gaza is mired in crisis, with poverty and unemployment rates having soared to record levels. But efforts are being made to put a dent in unemployment, particularly among young Palestinians. One project’s success could point to further gains in the future.
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