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In brief

An ambitious project to improve water and sanitation infrastructures in cities in southern Turkey

Nizip refugee camp, Turkey, on the border with Syria
Funded by the European Union (EU) and supported by Agence Française de Développement and the World Bank, this project aims to assist the municipalities of southern Turkey in the renovation of their water and sanitation systems and their management of solid waste. Local authorities and Ilbank, a Turkish bank that implements the program, signed funding agreements during a ceremony that took place on July 6, 2021 in Ankara.
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"We encourage forest operators to change their practices"

Creeper tree Africa
AFD has established a responsible forest management model, as part of its efforts to make forests more sustainable. How effective is it? Patricia Aubras, AFD’s Regional Director for Central Africa explains its utility in the Congo Basin, for the forests there and the people who depend on them.
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In the Struggle to Make Forests Sustainable, how Effective are Verification Systems?

Forest wood certification
Whether it’s durable walnut to make a table, or rich and robust oak for the beams of a home, good quality wood can fetch a high price. But thriving markets have contributed to high levels of deforestation. Certification systems seek to verify the origins of wood and make forests more sustainable. How effective have they been? We look back at the origins and impact of some of the world's major certification systems.
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Mobilizing Local Populations in Forest Management 

population africa forests
Achieving sustainable forest management often requires participation by local and indigenous peoples of the forest area, but there are many obstacles to achieving this. That’s why Agence Française de Développement provides support for programs that encourage participation – to improve forest protection.
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