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Improving Access to Water and Sanitation for millions in Ethiopia

World Toilet Day on November 19 highlights the dangers of lacking sanitary facilities, and the search for sustainable solutions. With an estimated 419 million people practising "open defecation" worldwide, the need for access to clean, safe toilets for all is more urgent than ever. Which is why AFD is funding a number of initiatives, including two flagship projects in Ethiopia. One will provide 2.6 million people with improved, gender-sensitive sanitation facilities and the second will improve access to water for 1 million people in 45 towns.
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The AMAL Project: Bringing Hope through Jobs in Jordan

Amal classroom training session for women
Jordan is gripped by high levels of unemployment, particularly among women. Only 14% of working-age women are economically active. Those who have not withdrawn from the labor force altogether face additional barriers to finding a job. In the face of these difficulties, there is hope, or “Amal” in Arabic. That’s the name of an AFD-financed project now tackling unemployment, particularly among the most vulnerable.
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Reviving Iraq's Rural Economy

Overlooking the Nineveh Plains in Iraq
For centuries, it was Iraq’s breadbasket and a hive of economic activity – but terrorism and war all but stopped the region in its tracks. How to revive northern Iraq after the departure of Daesh, the so-called Islamic State? Something called the PERMA project has found a way. Financed by AFD and presented at the Paris Peace Forum 11 to 13 November, it aims to bring life back to the rural economy in the north.
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Shared Innovation

Creating a “Lynk” between Workers & Clients: One of the Biggest Digital Platforms in Africa

Lynk workers
In our series on “Shared Innovation”, AFD highlights innovative programs devised and developed in our partner countries.

Across Sub-Saharan Africa, most work is in the informal sector, where wages can be volatile and protection minimal. Kenyan start-up Lynk has launched a digital platform to connect workers with companies and households, providing them with more security, better work conditions and new career opportunities.
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