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Through the lens

Rebuilding Lives after the Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria: One Year On

séisme Turquie
In February 2023, earthquakes rocked Turkey and Syria, killing more than 50,000 people. They were among the most devastating earthquakes to have struck the region in almost a century, turning cities and towns into rubble and displacing close to 2 million people. We examine the swift action of AFD Group and its partners to help rebuild, and the results, one year on.
On the Ground

Soccer: A Playmaker in Africa's Development

football Burundi play international AFD sport ballon
A new collection of wide-ranging analyses of Africa’s economies and social issues is out now. In the 2024 edition of L’Économie Africaine (“African Economies”), one chapter is even devoted to soccer, whose economic and social impact extends beyond the field, to affect everything from health and education to social cohesion.
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"Atlas" of Latin America and the Caribbean: 17 Sustainable Development Initiatives

Costa Rica
Latin America is considered a champion of sustainable development, with pioneering initiatives that have been replicated not only across the region, but around the world. Some of the most innovative projects are highlighted in the “Atlas of Latin America and the Caribbean”, the result of a collaboration between AFD and Sciences Po University in Paris. The impact of the Atlas has been so vast as to span all 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
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Pakistan: Harnessing Hydropower to make Energy Sustainable

Mangla Hydroelectric Dam
Faced with growing demand for energy and a reliance on imported fossil fuels, Pakistan is beginning to tap its immense hydropower potential. In the approach to the International Day of Renewable Energy, we examine a number of projects backed by AFD and its partners that are boosting Pakistan’s hydroelectric power production and making the country’s energy supply cleaner and more sustainable.
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Fighting for Female Farmers in West Africa

Marie-Paule Okri with farmers she supports © Ivorian League for Women’s Rights
In Côte d’Ivoire, two-thirds of rural women work in agriculture, but as many as 75% of them live below the poverty line. They also face physical and other forms of violence. For the past three years, the Ivorian League for Women’s Rights has been tackling these problems, and providing support for women, particularly in rural areas. For her work, co-founder Marie-Paule Okri has just received the Simone de Beauvoir Award for Women’s Freedom 2024 in Paris.
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Looking Back on 2023 and Reflecting on What Development Means

Les ODD aux Solidays
From war and the worldwide difficulties to which it has given rise, to tensions between the global north and south, 2023 has been a dramatic year. What are some of the highlights, and what can we expect in 2024? We take a look with AFD economist Thomas Melonio.
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