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Construire une ligne de tramway le long de la Corne d'Or à Istanbul
The project aims to build a tramway line connecting the historical center of Istanbul to service and residential areas along the Golden Horn. The project benefits from an innovative technique of ground power supply allowing to preserve this exceptional site and will be accompanied by landscaping of the banks.

With 15 million inhabitants, Istanbul faces a growing demand for mobility. To tackle this challenge, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is implementing a proactive policy aiming at containing the increased use of private cars and road network congestion by investing massively in its public transport network and in particular in the urban rail network.


The objectives of the project are threefold: offer a sustainable, efficient and inclusive public transport to the public; ensure women's access to a safe and attractive mobility system as well as to the opportunities generated by the project; reduce the city's carbon footprint.

The project entails the construction of a 10.2 km tramline along the Golden Horn and the procurement of 30 tramcars. The line will connect the historic district of Istanbul, home to major commercial and tourist activities, with leading public facilities and residential areas. The project is articulated with the rehabilitation of Unkapani road interchange, under which a section of the tramway will pass, and with  the ongoing upgrade of Golden Horn south shore, which aims at creating public spaces for leisure and walking, highlighting the shores and the rich historical heritage adjacent.

The line is already partially in operation since January 2021. The full project is expected to be completed by end of 2022.


The new tramline will offer a qualitative, efficient, low-carbon and low-polluting alternative to the buses, minibuses and private cars currently running on the corridor. 150,000 residents living near the corridor will benefit from improved access to sustainable transport. Expected ridership on the line is 80,000 daily passengers at opening, reaching 160,000 by 2040. The line will also have a positive impact on reducing gender inequalities by facilitating the mobility of women – who often have a more limited access to motorized vehicles. The project will also contribute to climate mitigation by saving about 11,500 tCO2eq/year over 30 years.

Project start date
2 years
Duration of funding
Financing tool
93 000 000
Financing amount
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality