Our Activities

The Group regularly recruits for its main activities: development activities, banking activities, support functions…
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Team AFD
Being a development actor at AFD means belonging to one of the five following groups of activities, which break down into over 200 professions:
  • Banking activities
  • Development engineering and research 
  • Digital technologies and innovation
  • Communication and partnership relations 
  • Support functions

Banking activities

Finance, risks, legal officers

Project Financing Specialist, Financial Analyst, Risk and Monetary Policy Specialist, Market Operator, Investment Officer, Quality of Operations and Portfolio Monitoring Officer, Tax legal Officer, Equity Legal Officer, Project Financing Legal Officer, Credit Risk and Operational Risk Officer, Permanent and Compliance Control Officer…

Development engineering and research

Operations and research activities

Project manager in the water, infrastructure, environment, health and education sectors, Climate and Crises and Conflicts Specialist, Officer in an agency, Economist, Studies and Evaluation Officer…

Digital technologies and innovation

IT, data, digital technologies

Digital Project Manager, Network Engineer, Network and Security Architect, IT Project Manager, Data Scientist…



Communication and partnership relations 

Communication Officer, Strategic Management and Partnership Relations Officer, Corporate Relations Officer… 

Evelyne, Internal Digital Communication Officer 

Evelyne, AFD“I support the definition and implementation of the change management strategy for internal digital tools. This especially involves coordinating our network of community leaders, which improves ownership of our internal corporate social network and disseminates new collaborative uses in the group. 

I propose them methodologies and animation techniques to sustain their communities and regular meetings to share good practices and feedback.”


Anastasia, Officer for sustainable development and international solidarity awareness-raising

Anastasia, AFD“At AFD, we believe that epidemics, conflicts, pollution and climate change do not stop at borders. In this interconnected world where everything that happens on the other side of the world has an impact on our lives here, it is in everyone’s interest to have a more harmonious world, with a reduction in inequalities and nature preserved.

My role at AFD? Give a better understanding of these interconnections. I work on the mission to raise the awareness of the French to sustainable development and international solidarity issues. This involves organizing communication campaigns and events (conferences, workshops, festivals, exhibitions) and developing educational tools for education stakeholders and for a broader public. This work is conducted in partnership with actors from associations, institutions and education.”    

Support functions

HR, Accountant, Financial Controller, Auditor…

Ivan, Head of the HR Geographical Unit 

“The Head of the HR Geographical Unit supervises the HR geographical team which manages all our human resources in agencies, including local staff, expatriate staff and International Volunteers. We act as an access point for all human resources matters on issues as diverse as staff administration, HR management, recruitment or disciplinary issues. 

Ivan, AFD

We rely on the expertise of the Human Resources Department for this, so that we can best meet expectations. Our external viewpoint provides managers and their teams with impartiality in decision-making, and a homogenization of our HR practices through our missions. We also monitor the career development of our officers, which is why we regularly work in the agencies. We manage and supervise all our organization’s main HR processes for our officers in the network and employees in the geographical departments at headquarters.” 

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