Discussing and advising

Research at AFD

AFD researchers and economists are at the leading edge when it comes to analyzing and understanding events and issues related to such subjects as cities, natural resources, social cohesion, or climate. Their objective? To discuss, share, and answer concrete questions asked by stakeholders on the ground, as well as to put forward new ideas in ongoing international discussions.
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Research at AFD
Understanding Research at AFD

Understanding research at AFD

Fighting global warming, preserving biodiversity, maintaining social link… AFD conducts studies, research, and evaluations on these and many other topics. This work is essential if we want to analyze the many challenges facing our planet, because anticipating and better understanding problems leads to more effective action.

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AFD's research programs

Our programs

AFD Group’s research focuses on several themes: the fight against inequalities, the “commons” approach to sustainable development, and economic analysis of the countries where we operate. Our multidisciplinary and innovative research involves multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is structured around signature programs, with special attention to Africa.

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AFD Research Publications

Research publications

Discover all of AFD’s research and evaluation publications: our studies, our ex-post evaluations, our research papers, our macroeconomic analyses, etc. More than 850 publications can be found in a dedicated website section with many filters available, in French and in English.

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AFD's research publications online

Our online publications

You can find all of AFD's research publications such as our studies, policy briefs, research papers, and macro-economic analyses in a dedicated space. Filters are available to refine your research by theme, location, etc.

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AFD’s multidisciplinary team of researchers

Our researchers

Thanks to AFD’s multidisciplinary team of researchers, we can mobilize methods and instruments from such varied fields as economics, demography, sociology, urban planning, climatology, and ecology. Our researchers fuel reflections on transitions and on the most suitable public policies to accompany them.

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AFD signature research programs, with an original and innovative positioning
million dedicated to studies and research in 2022
of the financing of studies and research contracted in 2022 focused on Africa

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