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Evaluation Summary - AFD’s interventions in the perennial crops sector, Ghana

The overall objectives of ROPP IV and V (CGH1094-CGH1124) are:

  • to help achieve a lasting reduction of rural poverty;
  • to contribute to increasing export revenue;
  • to contribute to mitigate climatic changes through the carbon sequestration capacity of rubber plantations.

Both ROPP IV and V have been successful in expanding rubber cultivation in the Western and Central Regions of Ghana.

Based on the evaluative analysis, several lessons and recommendations are propo-sed. These recommendations were dis-cussed during a final workshop organized in early October 2022. The positions of the different stakeholders diverge, there-fore additional facilitation work should be organized to find compromises between the different stakeholders, including ROAA that was not represented at the final workshop.

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Groupe-conseil Baastel and BRL Ingénierie
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