AFD Tech-Talks - Internet Governance: How to effectively engage stakeholders on a global scale?

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The Thursday 23 March 2023
From 2:00pm to 3:15pm
How to effectively involve stakeholders from all over the world in the Internet governance process to ensure that diversity and sustainability issues are taken into account?

By its very nature, the Internet is a network whose governance involves many stakeholders: States and their specialized agencies, international organizations, but also the private sector, civil society, etc. The Internet Governance Forum (IGF), a global multi-stakeholder platform under the aegis of the United Nations, brings together all of these actors to facilitate discussions on public policies relating to Internet governance (standards, procedures, etc.).

Nevertheless, as the next forum will take place in October 2023 in Tokyo, ensuring the success of the IGF requires the effective mobilization of all these actors, from the call for themes to the actual holding of the forum  where more than 200 workshops will take place. The mobilization of a diversity of actors is all the more important as the choices made will have economic, political and social implications for users, and first and foremost for citizens.

This webinar, moderated by Karim Attoumani Mohamed, will take stock of the current state of play and discuss possible improvements to take into account of the geographical, linguistic, cultural and economic diversity of the various stakeholders.

Participants will be able to share their experiences and give their views on the need for inclusive and effective Internet governance on a global scale.

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Thursday 23 March 2023
From 2:00pm to 3:15pm
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Head of Emerging Tech Lab, AFD
Director of Regulation and HSE, Telecom Comores SA at Axian Group

Location of the event

Siège de l'AFD
5 rue Roland Barthes