Open publishing, a development issue? An AFD Editions Seminar

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Open publishing, a development issue? An AFD Editions Seminar
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The Thursday 24 November 2022
2pm - 5pm (CET)
AFD Editions offers you a bilingual French-English seminar to create a space for meeting and debate around editorial issues related to the dissemination of knowledge on development. It will notably bring together representatives of public editorial structures and international development organizations.


  • 2:00-2:15 p.m.: Opening and introduction
    Thomas Mélonio, Executive Director, Department of Innovation, Strategy and Research (ISR), AFD
    Sophie Chauvin, Head of the Publications Division (PUB), ISR, AFD

  • 2:30-3:30 p.m.: Session 1: “Publishing differently: development research actors facing the challenges of openness”
    Moderator: Etienne Charrière, Publications Division (PUB), AFD
    Respondent: Gilles Gressani, Le Grand Continent
    Presenters: Marie-Lise Sabrié, Éditions IRD; Rachid Id Yassine, Global Africa

    • Issues and problems related to the publication of research on development by structures with mainly public funding: underlying themes: which audiences?, economic models, publication themes, etc. ;
    • Possibilities and limits of existing open access structures with a view to better representing authors from the South in research publications, particularly those on the challenges of sustainable development: underlying questions: what modalities of openness publications to authors from the South? what about open archives (HAL) etc.
    • Question of the sustainability of open access editorial activities in themselves and areas for improvement: issues to be addressed: digital publishing versus paper, etc.

  • 4:00 -5:00 pm : Session 2 : "Disseminating Differently : New Formats and New Audiences for Development Research Publications"
    Moderator: Sabrina Hadjadj Aoul, division des publications (PUB), AFD
    Respondent: Felix Zimmermann (DevCom, OECD)
    Presenters : Ferdinand Bakoup, African Development Bank ; Christiane Kliemann, European Association of Development Institutes ; Zeph Nhleko, Development Bank of Southern Africa

    Discussion Questions/Possible Topics :
    • How can major development institutions effectively disseminate development knowledge and expertise originating from the developing world?
    • What are the challenges to inclusivity in development research dissemination and how can they be overcome at the level of international development organizations?
    • In the dissemination of development research, what kind of dissemination tools and platforms can be mobilized to both breach the digital divide between North and South and center voices from the developing world ? : podcast, Social Media etc.
when ?
Thursday 24 November 2022
2pm - 5pm (CET)
where ?
directeur exécutif innovation, recherche et savoirs, AFD

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