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Social & Inclusive Business Camp (SIBC) 2021
The Social & Inclusive Business Camp (SIBC) is committed to supporting impact entrepreneurs and is launching its fifth call for applications open to project initiators from all over Africa. Apply before 3 July to have a chance at taking part in the SIBC-2021 adventure!

The Social & Inclusive Business Camp (SIBC) has become a key partner with African social entrepreneurs. Since it was set up by the AFD Campus in 2017, the SIBC has supported the scaling up of some 200 entrepreneurs that have a strong social impact in Africa. The SIBC’s mission is to support entrepreneurs, through innovative educational methods and networking with other companies, mentors and potential financiers, with the scaling up of their companies and creating permanent links between the various stakeholders in the ecosystem.
A program to support the winning entrepreneurs
Those who have successfully answered the call for projects, and been selected, will have access to a program with three components. 

The objective is to prepare entrepreneurs for this development stage as effectively as possible with the following components: 

  • Three months of e-learning including live virtual classes and coaching between peers. This stage features open-access resources and practical tools based on four key themes: developing leadership and building your team, scaling up, preparing for investment and measuring the impact.
  • A bootcamp week during which the class of the SIBC entrepreneurs will meet in Marseille to further develop the themes of the program, meet potential investors and partners, and present their pitch during the Emerging Valley Summit.
  • A mentoring system where participating entrepreneurs receive individual support from a mentor from previous years and who, like their mentee, works in the social and inclusive entrepreneurship sector in Africa. They have experience in scaling up and/or fundraising, meaning they can provide guidance and advice for their mentee throughout the program.

Networking: added value in the young African SMEs program  
In addition to thematic training to build the skills and capacities of entrepreneurs, the SIBC derives its richness from the strength of its community, which rallies an extensive network of stakeholders. 

The networking offered by the program is based on three areas:

  • A pan-African community of alumni 
    The SIBC is committed to rallying this community, by creating bridges between the classes through mentorship programs, under which experienced alumni commit every year to support a participant throughout their learning process, and group sessions open to the entire SIBC community. The program thereby makes its contribution to improving connections between entrepreneurs and developing areas of cooperation (through strategic partnerships, for example, access to new markets or contacts).    
  • Inspiring meetings with entrepreneurs and experts  
    Peer-to-peer exchanges are central to the program’s support. Every year, they mobilize a number of experts in Africa: investors, human resources specialists, management coaches and a number of managers of growing companies.
  • The creation of financing opportunities during the Bootcamp and Emerging Valley Summit
    Under the program, companies have access to a broad panel of investors and partners. This allows them to make a first key contact and establish a partnership. During the 2020 edition, 40 investors and financial partners were there to meet the SIBC class during a speed meetings event.

Do you want to apply for the 2021 edition? 
Go straight to the following platform to consult the eligibility criteria and submit your application. The program is open to entrepreneurs from all over Africa.

Applications can be submitted from 21 May to 3 July 2021.


  • 20 May – 3 July 2021: submission of applications 
  • 19 July 2021: evaluation of applications and selection of 40 participants by the consortium and selection committee 
  • End of July 2021: announcement of the candidates selected
  • End of August 2021: start of the program and e-learning
  • Early December 2021: Bootcamp and Emerging Valley Summit

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