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The International Olympic Committee (IOC), the French Development Agency (AFD) and the Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024 have signed a new tripartite agreement, with the goal of extending the social legacy left by Paris 2024 at international level.

The tripartite agreement is aimed at extending the “Impact 2024 International” programme initiated by AFD and Paris 2024. It is fully in line with the IOC’s Olympism365 strategy, which brings together organisations and networks across sectors to advance the contribution of sport and Olympism 365 days a year in four priority areas: health and active communities; more equitable and inclusive communities; peace and safer communities; and education and livelihoods. 

In the past three years, Impact 2024 International has helped to extend the legacy of Paris 2024 beyond the host territory of the event, in keeping with the Games’ slogan of “Games Wide Open”, supporting initiatives that harness sport for development in Africa. Some 45 projects in 19 African countries have been funded for a total investment of EUR 1.4 million, with more than 77,000 beneficiaries. The new tripartite agreement will ensure continued funding of up to 10 of the programme’s most impactful sport for development projects. The IOC will match AFD’s investment in the projects supported through this initiative.

In addition to increasing investment in the local projects and helping to sustain and scale their social and environmental impact, the agreement between the IOC, the AFD and Paris 2024 seeks to:

  • Support knowledge exchange and capacity building among Impact 2024 International projects and with other Olympism365 partners;
  • Promote the contributions of AFD and Paris 2024 to advancing Olympism365; and
  • Further monitor and evaluate the impact of the projects.

Through its additional investment, the IOC aims to scale the impact, insight and innovation generated from these projects over the past three years, while providing opportunities for participants to connect with and learn from each other.

A blueprint for future Olympism365 collaboration
Olympism365 is the IOC’s strategy to strengthen the role of sport as an important enabler for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and ensure that more people, from more diverse backgrounds, benefit from participating in community sports programmes and accessing Olympism “365 days a year”. 

Since working collaboratively across different areas is an essential delivery mechanism for Olympism365, the new tripartite agreement between the IOC, AFD and Paris 2024 has the potential to inspire future partnerships while offering a valuable blueprint for how sports organisations and development banks can work together to support the social impact of sport around the world. 

For more information about Olympism365 and its work across the globe, go to olympics.com/ioc/olympism365.