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Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM) has signed a service contract with the EDF group for the implementation of a plan to reduce non-technical losses on its distribution network.

Non-technical losses, defined as the difference between the energy consumed and the energy invoiced, can be significantly reduced through effective management and use of information systems, in particular through four main areas:

  • improving the reliability of subscriber metering, improving knowledge of flows on distribution networks;
  • implementing effective field actions and communication/awareness-raising actions.

The company Yélé Consulting will be in charge of the project management assistance and the project also includes the supply of 3 215 smart meters. 

This plan, financed by a EUR 9.35 million grant delegated to AFD by the European Union, will be spread over 2.5 years and will contribute to reducing the overall level of losses and thus improve EDM’s commercial margin. In addition to improving the financial situation of the electricity operator, the implementation of actions to fight non-technical losses will encourage subscribers to control their energy consumption and therefore their carbon footprint. 

This new partnership between AFD and the EU in the energy sector contributes to the implementation of the Team Europe Green Deal, officially launched in Maputo on December 6th 2022, and the EU Global Gateway strategy