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Water and sanitation services constitute a key front in the battle against the Coronavirus pandemic. AFD will regularly share resources and initiatives which could be of use to professionals in the sector.

The outbreak of Covid-19 and the resulting global pandemic have created an unprecedented health crisis. Widespread disruption has been caused not only by the virus, but also by measures taken by a large number of governments, affecting a significant part of the world's population. Water and sanitation is among the sectors affected. 

A Key Sector

Water and sanitation services are a major front in the fight against the pandemic, providing essential services, particularly in cases of self-isolation, and allowing service users to maintain a level of personal hygiene that is the first line of defence against the spread of the virus.  

For services to continue, certain conditions must be met: service operators must ensure the organization and protection of human resources and equipment (including spare parts, etc.), which in turn requires continued access to financial resources (notably via the 3 T’s: tariffs, taxes and transfers).

It is important to raise awareness of symptoms of the disease, and disseminate the WHO’s Covid-19 tips on personal habits such as frequent handwashing, which help people protect themselves and their loved ones.

This fact sheet is a synopsis of resources that may be of interest to professionals in the water and sanitation sector, particularly AFD's partners. It will be updated as required.  

Many countries and operators are implementing crisis management measures that may affect the sector. AFD welcomes those who are so inclined to share such initiatives and resources with us. They will be added to this document on a rolling basis.