Looking ahead on AFD's 80th Anniversary: How do you see the world in 2101?

published on 02 December 2021
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témoignages vidéos 2101
What will the world be like in 2101? On AFD's 80th anniversary, we hear from eight actors in the sporting, economic and social sectors, located all over the world. In a series of videos, they share their vision of the coming century.

"We must eradicate hunger, and embrace the Malagasy concept of "Zanaar": being in alliance with Mother Nature and the spiritual world." 

Lova Rinel, President of the Representative Council of France's Black Associations (Madagascar) 

"I see a world without plastic, and where value is measured by things other than money!" 

Bagoré Bathily is CEO of La Laterie du Berger in Senegal  

"My hope is that nature will cover from the impact of human activity, and that we can reverse the damage from unsustainable development." 

José Miguel Paliza, Founder of Zona Bici in the Dominican Republic. 

"What I would change with the wave of a magic wand, is the image the rest of the world has of Africa. And I would make Africa even more innovative." 

Laureen Kouassi-Olsson: CEO of Birimian Ventures, Côte d'Ivoire 

"My hope for 2101 is for governments to tackle not just climate change, but also poverty and lack of education. If I had some magical power, I would stop people from prioritzing their comfort over humanity." 

Mohamad Al Jounde, at Education for Refugees - Bigger than us - in Syria

"I would like future generations to live in a world that is no longer so worrisome, one based on local initiatives, where young people see that change is possible." 

Coraline Meril, Operations Manager at Petit Cocotier, an agro-ecological farm in Martinique

"Abandoning fossil fuels will be the most important step to resolving the energy problem." 

Ece Börü, CEO of Industrial Development Bank in Turkey

"I see a world where we are finally understanding what it means to live in harmony with the environment, the people around us - and ourselves." 

Melati Wijsen is Founder of Bye Bye Plastic Bags, and is based in Indonesia