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Researchers under the age of 40: prepare your videos by July 4! Describe, decipher, question, shed light on transitions – both on those already underway and more to come – through the eyes of young researchers working in countries of the South. This is the ambition of this online video competition, initiated by AFD and Global Development Network (GDN). Why? Because their voices are useful for public and political debate, to enlighten us on the immense challenges remaining, to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Young researchers will narrow the gap between the world of research on sustainable development and action. They can do this by presenting their ambitions, their approaches, their results, their doubts and their progress in an educational and compelling way. 

More than a competition

The ability to communicate issues clearly and effectively is essential for researchers. The good news is that it can be learned. That's why this project, conceived with Global Development Network, includes a support phase.

After a pre-selection, 20 videos will be selected. They will then be reworked with the support of experts in order to prepare a longer final version. The aim is to help researchers produce educational tools for sustainable development.

Following this process, a high-level jury will designate the three winners who will receive prizes: €6,000 will be distributed among the winners.

Who is this competition for?

To all young researchers under 40 in developing countries - according to the list drawn up by the World Bank and updated in December 2020 - and working on transitions.

How to participate?

Eligible researchers have until July 4, 2021 to submit a first production. They are invited to submit a short video, 3 to 5 minutes, drawing on their own research and that of their peers. The challenge? Present in a clear and concise manner the challenges and transitions they are studying.

The video should cover the following questions:
1. What transition will shape development in the next decade?
2. Why do you see an urgent need to communicate about it?
3. What are the roots and ramifications of the transition you are talking about?
4. How does it affect us as a society, and as individuals?
5. What key policies will be important to shape this transition?

Judges will evaluate your video according to the salience and originality of your research, the clarity with which it is conveyed, and the technical quality of the video, among other criteria outlined in the terms and conditions. 

→ Read the terms and conditions here, and register here!

Videos can focus on any of the following areas (the list is indicative, not exhaustive):

  • Global picture: ODA, sustainable development, SDGs, anthropological and technological revolution, decision making in a complex world, digital revolution etc.
  • Climate and energy transition: Energy, climate change
  • Territorial and ecological transition: urban development, environmental degradation, natural resource management in all sectors, biodiversity mainstreaming, actions for sustainable living
  • Demographic and social transition: demographic trends, migration, gender issues, poverty, inequality, education, health, the future of work, cultural issues, vulnerability and fragility, conflict prevention
  • Economic and financial transition: growth, development finance, trade, structural transformations
  • Political and civic transition: governance, corruption, political regimes, political participation
  • Methodological issues : development measurements, concept of transition, measures of  well-being
  • Emerging approaches : Sustainability science, Sustainability Transitions Research