[Special Series] Europe: a Key AFD Partner

published on 09 May 2022
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Driven by common convictions, the European Union and AFD Group have been working together since 2008 to maximize the impact of their financing and the effectiveness of development aid. It's a central partnership for achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. On Europe Day on May 9, we look back at a selection of projects, interviews and infographics illustrative of this dynamic and fruitful collaboration.

3West Bank: A Pioneering Project for Clean Water and Green Energy
The AFD and EU-financed “Nexus North” project supports public water operators in the northern West Bank to improve access to drinking water and sanitation while reducing the cost of energy.


INFOG-AFD-UEThe AFD – European Union relationship Explained in one infographic
For fifteen years, AFD and the European Union have worked together to support development programs in more than 60 countries. See how this relationship has evolved and produced results in the infographic below.


inegalites The EU and AFD, Combating Inequalities Together
The Inequality Research Facility, funded by the European Union and coordinated by AFD, aims to better understand economic and social inequalities in low- and middle-income countries to develop targeted public policies.


SCENE-MACROFor a New Alliance between Africa and Europe 
The EU-African Union summit was the culmination of intense dialog to shape a new alliance between Africa and Europe, and to review investments in Africa by European development institutions.



barrage-hydroelectriqueTeam Europe: Where Member States Scale Up Impact 
To mark the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union from 1 January to 30 June 2022, AFD Group is publishing an interview with a specialist on development issues at the European level every month.



HD Puna Elbasan Albanie Marie TihonReforms Draw the Western Balkans Closer to the EU
With EU membership on the horizon, Western Balkan countries are taking action to ensure that their standards of governance are in line with those of the European Union. AFD Group is supporting this ambitious process.



Parc éolien Eskom

The EU and AFD Work Together for a Just Transition in South Africa
South Africa has launched an extensive program to reduce its economy’s carbon footprint. The European Union, Germany's KfW and AFD Group are working together to support the country in its essential transition.



AFD and EU use Converging Strategies to Tackle World's Development Challenges
The continuing partnership between AFD and the EU is crucial to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, says AFD's Anna Lipchitz, responsible for the Group’s relations with European institutions.