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Shared Innovation

Kenya: A Payment Platform for Healthcare Protection

In our series on "Shared Innovation", AFD is highlighting innovative programs created or developed in our partner countries. Cutting edge technologies and creative approaches in healthcare will help in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, as it spreads around the world.

In Kenya, digital platforms like M-Tiba allow people to save money on their phone and pay for healthcare treatment at a distance – crucial at a time where health officials call for as much “social distancing” as possible. The system allows health data to be transmitted anonymously, so health authorities can spot trends and try to prepare for a major outbreak.
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Covid-19 and Disruption of the biosphere: a step into the unknown

Mexique afd biodiversité climat forêt
Covid-19 has forced us to confront some of the big environmental questions of our time. How is the global pandemic linked to the continuing environmental crisis? What risks are involved in our attempts to preserve the climate and the ecosystem? To answer these questions, we present a joint interview with Gilles Kleitz, Director of the Ecological Transition Department at Agence Française de Développement, and Damien Navizet, Head of AFD’s Climate Change Division.
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Shared Innovation

Mobilizing Communities in the Fight against HIV

Coalition Plus AFD HIV
In our series on “Shared Innovation”, AFD is highlighting innovative programs devised and developed in our partner countries.

While the world is struggling to cope with the coronavirus epidemic, the initiatives led by NGOs in their daily fight to stop the spread of HIV hold lessons about the most effective methods of prevention and screening. One example is the program launched by Coalition PLUS to get the communities the most affected by AIDS more involved in the fight against the epidemic.
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3 Questions for…

“This is the time to Rethink Development Trajectories” - Thomas Mélonio

: « un moment pour réfléchir aux trajectoires de développement », AFD
The Covid-19 crisis has created shockwaves across the world economy, affecting developing countries in particular. What roles can public donors play to contain the fallout? We tackle this question and more with Thomas Mélonio, Director of Innovation, Research and Knowledge at Agence Française de Développement.
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Shared Innovation

Text Messages to Raise Awareness about Health and Hygiene

In our series on “Shared Innovation”, AFD highlights innovative programs invented or developed in our partner countries.

Diffusing good health practices to the general public is a big challenge when fighting pandemics and malnutrition, or when promoting family planning. The international NGO Gret, which is specialized in the fight against poverty and inequality around the world, is helping to meet that challenge. In Burkina Faso, it has set up a system to facilitate family access to health information using technology to which almost everyone has access: text messaging.
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