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As a key player in the education sector in Togo, AFD recently participated alongside the country’s Education Ministry in the final phases of the school and university sports championships. More than 820 students participated in the event.

AFD Group supports Togolese youth by backing the modernization of vocational training (via the reinforcement of the Training Center for Industrial Trades and of agricultural and rural training centers) as well as the reform of the country’s middle schools (Support Project for Middle School Reform – PAREC I and II).

Since 2014, more than 540 classrooms equipped with desks and benches have been built at 122 public middle schools. These schools also benefit from facilities such as water points and latrines. Togo’s six teacher training colleges have also been bolstered, and more than 9,000 schoolteachers, inspectors, and principals have received ongoing training.

Education officials have been provided with digital and scientific equipment to ensure the pedagogical monitoring of teachers locally. About 250 volunteer teachers have been trained, and 4,670 teachers have been initiated in the “Competency-Based Approach” method for the new 9th grade programs.

Quality education and enhanced sports activity

The efforts of the government of Togo, backed up by AFD, have helped improve the quality of and access to lower secondary education for both boys and girls. 

But as education for young people goes beyond just academics, AFD is also working to develop sports activities. 

AFD was involved in organizing the sports championships for Togo schools and universities, held from July 2 to 4 at the Kégué stadium in Lomé. The finals brought together more than 820 students age 11 to 16 from all over the country. These boys and girls had trained throughout the school year in a wide variety of sports including soccer, handball, volleyball, swimming, judo, athletics, and basketball.

“We were very happy to respond to the joint request by the ministries of Sports and Recreation and of Primary, Secondary and Vocational Education and Crafts to help organize the national finals of these championships,” said Jildaz Evin, Deputy Director of AFD’s field office in Lomé. “It’s a way for us to combine our commitment to support for quality education with enhanced sports activity for youth.”