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A partnership agreement was signed between AFD and the National Space Study Center to promote the adoption by AFD of geospatial technologies for its research and development projects.
This new collaboration between the two institutions will allow AFD to benefit from the experience acquired by CNES in terms of space awareness and training and to have a tool that can be used by its teams for the evaluation of projects in developing countries.

The partnership will revolve around three components:
- A first awareness and training component, enabling AFD's teams to understand, know and potentially adopt these tools. This component will be accompanied in particular by a collection of needs which will then be prioritized
- A second component of making the expertise of CLS teams available for the benefit of AFD projects and aimed at producing deliverables that act as demonstrators.
- A third component will aim to create a monitoring platform to centralize geospatial analysis tools dedicated to informing the different stages of AFD projects
Alex Chunet, Data Scientist at AFD, tells us more about his job and the use of data.
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