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AFD supports local authorities in the Philippines in strengthening their risk management capacities.
Climate change will inevitably affect the Philippines, as it is already one of the most prone countries to natural disaster risks. AFD supports local authorities to foster their preparedness and risk management capacities.

The Philippines is one of the countries most affected by climatic and geophysical disasters in the world. According to IPCC forecasts, some disasters are likely to increase with climate change.

Over the past decade, the Philippine government has developed a national policy on disaster risk reduction and management (DRM). Local authorities equally have a central role to play in climate change adaptation and resilience improvement efforts.This is even truer given the current decentralization process, which transfers additional resources and competencies to the country’s local authorities. However, they often require additional technical capacity to take effective action. AFD’s policy-based loan tackles this issue by fostering local authorities’ action on DRM.


This local DRM program supports the Philippines’ Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), in collaboration with other government agencies, in the devolution process of DRM mandate and services to local authorities.

AFD’s integrated support encompasses a budgetary loan, technical support, international exchange of practices and policy dialogue. It helps building up capacities, both at the national and local levels, and supports ongoing reform programs in four key areas to strengthen: 

  • Local risk-informed planning capacities;
  • DILG’s performance audit mechanism and integrated Capacity Development Strategy;
  • Local authorities’ ability to use DRM funds effectively; 
  • Local authorities’ gender sensitive and socially inclusive approaches in disaster response.

The programme is built upon a public policy matrix with specific achievement and results indicators set for each reform axis. These serve as a basis for public policy dialogue with the Philippine authorities

  • The program will improve DILG's capacity to support local authorities in their resilient trajectory in a sustainable manner;
  • The program will improve the resilience of local economies and communities, limiting the damage caused by disasters, shortening the post-disaster emergency phase and making the recovery period more effective.
Project start date
10 years
Duration of funding
Philippines, country-wide
250 000 000
Financing amount
The Republic of the Philippines through the Department of Finance