transport, Cebu, Philippines
In Cebu, the second largest city in the Philippines, the AFD-funded Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project running on priority lanes will provide the city with an efficient and affordable urban transport system, which acts as a catalyst for a real urban transformation.

The city of Cebu, the second largest urban area in the Philippines, is faced with increasing congestion, a rise in the number of accidents, local and noise pollution, growing fossil fuel consumption, and a rising level of greenhouse gas emissions. Consequently, Cebu has decided to implement a strategy to upgrade the urban transport system, by using public transport to promote an integrated management of travel and spaces. The central Government is providing strong support for this project, which is considered as a “pilot” project and should subsequently serve as a model for other cities in the country.


The Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project aims to provide the city with an efficient, safe and affordable urban transport system, by commissioning the bus service on dedicated routes or priority lanes, along a 23 km-long corridor. It acts as a catalyst for the urban transformation of Cebu, as it also plans to optimize travel conditions and traffic management outside the BRT route with measures to improve crossroads and parking, via centralized traffic management and urban developments. In addition, the project will reduce local pollution and CO2 emissions in the sector.


The project has the following local impacts:

  • Environmental: reduction of emissions (between 80,000 and 185,000 teq CO2 a year);
  • Economic and social: improvement in services for users (330,000 passengers a day), better access to employment and services, reduction in the number of accidents, improved working conditions for the current transport providers;
  • The project and its preparation will build national and local capacities for transport planning and regulation and allow the creation of entities to lead future BRT projects in the country.
Project start date
Project end date
6 years
Duration of funding
Metro Cebu
57 400 000
USD soit
50 893 000
Financing amount
Republic of the Philippines
Ministry of Transport and Communications
Cebu City Government