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Extension et rénovation des hôpitaux Aga Khan de Mombasa et Kisumu ©Stefano Bianco/AFD
In response to the challenge of infectious diseases (malaria, AIDS) in the west of the country and the limits of cardiology and oncology supply in the east, the Aga Khan wishes to extend and strengthen the hospitals in Kisumu and Mombasa, thus positioning them as reference institutions for secondary care in their respective counties.

The fight against communicable diseases is the country's priority challenge, with the fight against HIV/AIDS as the most important. At the same time, however, the country is undergoing a real epidemiological transition with a marked increase in non-communicable diseases (diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases).
The role played by the private sector in the provision of health care is recognized by the Ministry of Health, as it has emerged as an effective support for public policy that is fiscally constrained. In this context, the Aga Khan Health Service's network in Kenya, comprising hospitals in Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa and a network of primary health centres, plays a decisive role in improving the provision of care.


The objective is to contribute to improving the health of the Kenyan population by positioning Kisumu and Mombasa hospitals as reference hospitals for secondary care in their respective counties. The Kisumu hospital, located in a region where HIV/AIDS and malaria rates are extremely high, will increase its capacity and strengthen its service offer on infectious diseases. The Mombasa hospital will focus on subspecialties in cardiology and oncology, for which the supply is extremely limited in the county. These two hospitals are respectively at the top of their cluster around which AKHS-K will develop:

  • peripheral health centres,
  • an e-health concept (networking of peripheral centres and hospitals) and
  • partnerships with public health centres

This project will contribute to a better accessibility of the offer: geographical accessibility (peripheral health centre) but also financial accessibility thanks to the financial support programme for disadvantaged patients and the maternal and child health programme. 8,600,000 people will be served by the hospitals and peripheral centres of Mombasa and Kisumu, 244,200 patients will benefit from their services each year.

Project start date
20 ans
Duration of funding
Kisumu/ Mombasa
19 500 000
Financing amount
Aga Khan Health Services Kenya