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logements sociaux, province du Gauteng, Afrique du Sud, villes durables, inégalités
A project aimed at increasing access to decent, affordable housing for low-income families living in the Gauteng Province, South Africa.

Since 1994, the work of the South African state within the framework of the Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) has been focusing on access to property and large scale, fully subsidised provision of individual housing units for the poorest households (living on less than R 3,500 per month). The aim was to quickly respond to the needs of as many people as possible, at an affordable cost

In 20 years, this programme delivered over 2.8 million fully subsidised housing units. However, despite this huge effort, the housing gap increased while the number of informal units skyrocketed (+650% between 1994 and 2015).


With this project, AFD contributes to increasing the social rental housing supply in the Gauteng Province via intermediated financing of the Gauteng Partnership Fund (GPF), a public entity whose main shareholder is the Gauteng Department of Human Settlements (GDHS).

The project will allow around 5,500 households that cannot currently benefit from subsidised accommodation to live in quality accommodations. The project will therefore contribute to the significant improvement of the living conditions of these households, whose monthly income is estimated to be between R 1,500 and R 15,000.

  • Knock-on effect on the economic development of the Gauteng province;
  • Improvement of low- and middle-income households’ living conditions;
  • Redress territorial inequalities and socio-spatial segregation inherited from Apartheid;
  • Capacity building of GPF in order to boost social rental housing.
Project start date
Project end date
17 years
Duration of funding
Province du Gauteng
Financing tool
30 000 000
Financing amount
Gauteng Partnership Fund (GPF)