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woman, fishing, aquaculture, Cambodgia
The CaPFish Aquaculture project aims to overcome the constraints of Cambodia’s aquaculture sector and ensure more sustainable growth, resilience to climate change and inclusion. This project also contributes to the diversification and improvement of food security for the rural population.

The fishing industry is of paramount importance in Cambodia. It is a significant part of national GDP (between 10% and 18%) and it has a major role in food security. Fish is the source of 76% of the animal protein intake for households. Nearly three million people (or 20% of the population) are engaged in fishing and aquaculture activities, either full-time or occasionally. Aquaculture production is growing and is dominated by small producers. However, its current development raises a number of environmental, social and economic concerns. 


The CaPFish project has a policy of support that encompasses all the elements in the aquaculture value chain, both public and private sectors: hatcheries, livestock systems, food production, food security, nutrition. It aims to promote more sustainable and climate-friendly practices. This includes both extensive and semi-extensive systems, as well as commercial aquaculture of high value-added fish species, destined for export and requiring high levels of input. Objective: diversification of incomes and improvement of food and nutritional security for rural households.

  • Creation of knowledge and skill assets between the public and private sectors, involving all actors, including the least favoured households and women;
  • Recovery of broodstock and quality juvenile supply to the private sector, supervision and increase of food production and performance improvement for all operators.
  • Increased production and added value of products remaining on national territory, increased competitiveness of Cambodia vis-à-vis Southeast Asia’s major aquaculture countries.
Project start date
4 ans
Duration of funding
Provinces autour du Tonle Sap et du Mékong
25 000 000
Financing amount
Cambodian Fisheries Administration

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