Améliorer la coordination des politiques de transport à Dacca
With the support of the European Union, AFD is providing technical assistance to Dhaka’s transport authority. The goals are to ensure better planning of transport infrastructure projects, streamline traffic management and systematize coordination between the various actors and modes of transport.

Dhaka is probably one of the world’s most congested cities. Transportation times and their unpredictability considerably affect the quality of life, with a considerable impact on the economy as well.

According to estimates, losses due to traffic jams represent approximately USD 5 billion per year, i.e. more than 2% of the GDP. The situation could continue to deteriorate as the motorization rate, which is still relatively low, is likely to rise with economic growth.


Various initiatives have been launched in order to endow the city with better transportation infrastructure, such as the metro project or the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) project, co-funded by AFD.

Although essential, infrastructural improvements alone will not remedy the situation. Solid institutional support is necessary in order to ensure the coordination of different infrastructure projects, regular dialogue between the various actors and the interconnections of different modes of transport.

AFD is providing DTCA (Dhaka Transportation Coordination Authority) with technical assistance in order to help it play this fundamental role. AFD aims to strengthen the institution’s operational capacities through pilot projects such as the development of a transport corridor, the bus network’s restructuring and the implementation of unified pricing or even traffic and parking management.

The aim is to enhance DTCA’s autonomy, strengthen its legitimacy as Dhaka’s transport authority and ensure its inclusion in decision-making processes.

  • Improvement in the urban transportation system through better coordination between the various transportation actors in Dhaka
  • Capacity-building of DTCA through the recruitment and training of new staff
  • Acquisition of the data necessary for monitoring traffic conditions (including a Geographic Information System)
Project start date
4 years
Duration of funding
2 850 000
Financing amount
Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority (DTCA)
European Union

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