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Reconstruire et développer le service de distribution d’eau potable en milieu urbain, Irak
The reconstruction of Iraq has been the priority of the Iraqi Government since the victory against Daesh announced in late 2017. In line with ICRC’s mandate to assist and protect victims of armed conflict, the project aims to restore access to water, an essential service, for populations whose cities were destroyed by the fighting.

The project is part of the new approach developed by AFD to optimize the impact of its actions in contexts of chronic crisis, which is the case of Iraq. There is a window of opportunity to strengthen institutions and allow the return of effective public action, despite the destruction and critical humanitarian situation related to the conflict. Sustainably restoring the water service based on equal access for the entire population will support the recovery of effective and equitable public action.


This project aims to meet the essential needs of the Iraqi population for drinking water and contribute to post-conflict reconstruction by supporting the rehabilitation and development of the drinking water distribution service. It is implemented by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), a neutral, impartial and independent humanitarian organization that benefits from in-depth knowledge of the country, local stakeholders and the administration responsible for the water service, in the context of its Water & Habitat Program. The infrastructure rehabilitated and developed with

AFD’s support will be transferred to the administration responsible for the public drinking water distribution service at the acceptance of the works. This project fits in with a shared commitment to develop an operational doctrine on the issue of the emergency-development continuum in chronic crisis and post-conflict contexts.

It is based on 3 components:

  • Contributions to rapid impacts (rehabilitation of drinking water treatment plants and pumping stations on the drinking water supply and distribution network);
  • Medium and long-term planning, via a feasibility study aiming at implementing the reconstruction and reinforcement activities for the drinking water service in phases;
  • High-impact projects and capacity building for local authorities responsible for the service.

Access to drinking water is sustainably increased for the entire population concerned. The project also supports the recovery of basic service provision by the public administration. It also aims to ensure the continuity of emergency and development actions to support the drinking water sector by proposing a long-term investment plan.
In line with the climate strategy, the project has a local impact on adaptation to the risk related to climate change.

Project start date
3 years
Duration of funding
Financing tool
10 000 000
Financing amount
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)