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TCTA Durban dam
AFD, for which water is one of the main strategic areas, is co-financing a major infrastructure program to mobilize and transfer raw water in the region of Durban (Ethekwini). A climate change adaptation project.

The South African Government has launched a major infrastructure program to mobilize and transfer raw water. The aim is to ensure equal access, sustainable management and the efficient use of these resources.

One of the projects identified at national level is phase 2 of the Mooi Mgeni Transfer Scheme (MMTS 2), which aims to secure access to water in the region of Durban (Ethekwini). AFD is co-financing this project.


Set up in 1986, The Trans-Caledon Tunnel Authority (TCTA) is an entity that reports to the South African Department of Water. Its mission is to finance and implement bulk raw water infrastructure projects.

The Mooi Mgeni Transfer Scheme 2 (MMTS 2), for which TCTA is the contracting authority, aims to increase the capacity of the Mgeni system by 15%, which supplies the city of Durban and its region with drinking water. The program comprises the construction of a dam on the Mooi River and a water transfer network towards the Mgeni River.

This project will ultimately supply 60 million m3 of additional water a year. 


The project aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Secure the water supply for the Durban region;
  • Extend access to drinking water for residents in the region.
Project start date
Project end date
Financing tool
70 000 000
Financing amount
The Trans-Caledon Tunnel Authority (TCTA)