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Surf, south africa
A project that puts sport at the service of social inclusion and the creation of income-generating activities through a digital solution.

It is estimated that 40% of children are victims of violence each year in South Africa. Research has shown that many unhealthy behaviors are correlated with growing up in a home with difficult living conditions. Rates of smoking, drug use, physical inactivity, unhealthy diet, alcoholism, and risky sexual behaviors are higher among individuals who have been abused as children or who have grown up in a dysfunctional home.

Inadequate local services across South Africa leave the population in need, including children, alone in the face of difficulties.

The Isiqalo Foundation is a South African NGO that develops its activities under the brand Waves for Change (W4C). W4C's mission is to provide mental health services through sport for vulnerable and disabled youth in unstable communities.


In order to increase the number of beneficiaries and facilitate the implementation of sports programs in remote areas, W4C plans to use a mobile application "Coach Assist" that uses geo-tagging to track the activity of self-employed coaches who have graduated from the programm to pay them without intermediary on the basis of the number of participants.

The AFD grant will contribute to the financing of a pilot experiment, which will enable W4C to validate the relevance of this new program ("proof of concept").

A team of researchers from the University of Cape Town will evaluate the programme via an impact measurement methodology and a rigorous and documented follow-up.

  • Improved physical health, self-esteem and sense of social belonging for participants;
  • Work experience, additional income and increased self-esteem for independent coaches;
  • Improved social cohesion in the community.
Project start date
Project end date
1 year
Duration of funding
Cape Town
Financing tool
100 000
Financing amount
Waves for Change (W4C)