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A project that aims to improve the skills of doctors, nurses and other medical staff in the area of anaesthesia and intensive care.

With less than one thousand doctors for more than 20 million inhabitants, Mozambique is well below the health coverage threshold recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). The lack of qualified human resources is a recurring problem for the country and more particularly for the health sector which is facing a substantial increase in the population (+ 30% in 10 years). More specifically, the lack of training capacity at the specialty level considerably limits the increase in the number of doctors who can obtain a specialization.

Moreover, the concentration of the few specialists trained in Maputo deepens the gap between the quality of healthcare provided in the capital and the rest of the country.

Training health professionals in specialty medicine in partnership with Frenchs hospitals will make up for the lack of local capacity to train doctors in expensive specialty areas, and will limit the employment of specialist foreign doctors.


The project envisages the following activities:

  • Training medical specialists in anaesthesia and intensive care;
  • Training of trainers for nursing staff in anaesthesia and intensive care;
  • Organizing training courses in France for Mozambican leaders in anaesthesia-and intensive care training, and;
  • Financing the purchase of medical and pedagogical support material.

The results that can be expected from this project are:

  • Strengthened access to care for the entire population, through the presence of doctors and nurses specialists in aesthesia and intensive care and theatre instrumentalist nurses in the  country’s provinces;
  • Improved quality of care provided, thanks to improved quality of the training of specialists in anaesthesia and intensive care, and theatre instrumentalist nurses;
  • Improved health indicators at national level;
  • Strengthened cooperation between French and Mozambican hospitals and recognition of the know-how of French medical specialists.
Project start date
Project end date
5 years
Duration of funding
Financing tool
9 000 000
Financing amount
Mozambique's Ministry of Health (MISAU)