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AFD is contributing to financing the Rwanda Universal Energy Access Program (RUEAP), with a specific focus on its action for connections to the national power grid.

Over the last decade, Rwanda has made significant strides in electrification, with an increase in the rate of grid connection from 6% in 2009 to about 39% in 2020. This development has come about through a series of large-scale investment programs implemented by the Government and financed by several partners, including the World Bank.

The Rwandan Government wants to continue these efforts by setting an objective, through its national transformation strategy, of universal access to electricity by 2024, with 52% for access to the national grid and 48% for off-grid access.


The Rwanda Universal Energy Access Program (RUEAP, supported by donors) is based on four components:

  • Component 1: Increase access to the power grid
  • Component 2: Improve the reliability of the grid and operational efficiency. This component will focus on power generation and transmission
  • Component 3: Support private investment in off-grid access to electricity and in the promotion of sustainable cooking methods 
  • Component 4: Institutional capacity building.

Alongside the World Bank, AFD is assisting the Rwandan authorities by contributing to financing Component 1 to increase access to the power grid. AFD’s funds will be earmarked for the West and North regions in the country.


The electrification activities financed by AFD and the World Bank will provide connections for some 230,000 households and 17,000 commercial consumers. The economic analysis of the operation is favorable.

This electrification program is by nature contributing to improving social and territorial inclusion. It is providing the poorest households with access to basic services and contributing to their economic empowerment by developing activities made possible by the arrival of electricity. 

Project start date
West and North regions
Financing tool
80 000 000
Financing amount
Republic of Rwanda
World Bank