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housing, inhabitants, Soweto, South Africa
AFD is supporting the upgrade of the drinking water network infrastructure and the improvement of the water supply service quality in Soweto.

The South African government entrusted municipalities with the responsibilities associated with the water and sanitation services investment and operation. The Johannesburg Municipality, via Johannesburg Water, the company in charge of water service, is responsible for addressing the water needs of over 3 million inhabitants, including over one million living in Soweto.

Within this framework, AFD provides support to the city of Johannesburg with the implementation of the Gcin'amanzi ("water conservation" in Zulu) project. The project aims at upgrading the water networks to prevent losses and wastage.


The project is based on the following operations:

  • Network upgrade and installation of pipes;
  • Private networks upgrade;
  • Improvement of technical and commercial information systems;
  • Shift from estimated consumption to controlled consumption, with installation of prepaid metering systems, and;
  • Consumer education on the importance of the water resources conservation.

The impacts have been as follows:

  • Over 170,000 households in Soweto have benefited from the improvement in the drinking water service;
  • 1,268 local jobs have been created;
  • Over 55 million m3 of water have been saved.
Project start date
Project end date
15 years
Duration of funding
492 595 000
ZAR soit
50 000 000
Financing amount
Municipalité métropolitaine de Johannesburg