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Clinic, construction, health, Nouméa, New Caledonia
The Magnin and Baie des Citrons/Anse Vata private clinics are merging to become the new Ile Nou Magnin clinic. It will provide a full range of services from 24-hour emergency services to follow-up and rehabilitation care. It is scheduled to open in 2018.

The health sector is a major challenge for the development of the territory, and particularly in terms of improving living conditions for the population. Indeed, New Caledonia’s indicators for life expectancy, medical density and hospital facilities are lower than the average in mainland France. Its health structures are dilapidated and saturated, whereas demographic factors (growth and ageing of the population, development of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer) lead to an increase in demand and consequently put more pressure on the health system. The project to merge clinics consequently fits in with the target of upgrading healthcare provision set out by the Government in New Caledonia.


Faced with the dilapidated state of their premises and the impossibility of extending their activities on their respective sites, in 2014, the Magnin and Baie des Citrons/Anse Vata private clinics decided to merge in order to create the Ile Nou Magnin (SAS INM) clinic, a modern structure located on the Nouville peninsula, near the city center, to replace the three current sites. It will have a capacity of 219 beds and places in medicine-surgery-obstetrics (MSO), including 60 places for outpatient care. In addition, it will have 50 beds and places for follow-up care and rehabilitation (FCR), including 10 day hospital places (a service which is currently not on offer in New Caledonia).

It will also provide a large medical center, including pneumology and chemotherapy, a surgical center comprising some activities for which there is a monopoly in the territory (urology, for example), and there will be a strong development of outpatient care.


The new modern, complete and polyvalent clinic will contribute to:

  • Improving the health of the population of New Caledonia by pooling the resources and skills of private clinics in a single new establishment tailored to needs ;
  • Reducing the number of medical evacuations, which will improve the working and personal lives of patients and their families.
Project start date
Antenne à Nouville, Nouméa
4 624 000 000
CFP soit
38 750 000
Financing amount
Pôle Hospitalier Privé (PHP)