A growing proportion of human societies are now threatened by climate change. In 2022 alone, 32 million people, for example, had to leave their homes, most often as part of internal and temporary migration. While the resulting phenomena of human mobility are now well known, legal uncertainty persists as to the understanding of the subject: refugees and climate migrants are confused. To support the growing needs correlated with the inevitable development of the phenomenon, AFD Group is deploying a strategy based on three axes.

First, aim to prevent migration induced by climate change, by supporting public policies for mitigating and adapting to climate change, by financing projects to restore ecosystems and maintain natural resources, or reducing people's exposure to disasters. Next, the group is diversifying its capabilities and its tools for responding to climatic hazards, by providing reports of resources that can be mobilized immediately in the event of a major climatic event. Finally, AFD Group supports migrant populations, to encourage support, via financial transfers, for the development of adaptation strategies for their community.

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