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What kind of cookie is used on and how to disable them
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A cookie (or connection token) is a text file saved by your browser to store information on web pages you have visited during browser sessions. These cookies allow us to store information about your browsing. They also help us understand the behavior of users of our site, thus enabling us to make your experience more enjoyable.

List of cookies

AT Internet

We use an AT Internet cookie to measure the traffic to our website. You can disable the cookie here :

Third-party cookies

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ may implement cookies for sharing content on social networks or for generating access statistics. The presence, number and status of these cookies may depend on your use of the platforms in question before or during your visit to our website. We have no control over the use of such features by those players.
We invite you to read the respective policies for managing these social network cookies on the sites concerned.

Managing the placing and reading of cookies

You can accept or refuse the placing and reading of cookies, at any time, by:

- setting your browser to disable or accept the cookies,
- setting your browser to notify you when cookies are being stored so that you can accept or reject them one at a time.


You can set parameters for cookies by following the instructions below, according to which browser you are using:

With Internet Explorer:
Click on Tools at the top of the browser window and select Internet Options. In the Options window, click on the Privacy tab.
To disable cookies, place the cursor at the top to block all cookies.
For more information:…

With Firefox:
Click on Tools in the browser menu and select Options. Select the Privacy tab. To disable cookies, clear the Accept cookies and site data check box.
For more information:…

With Google Chrome:
Click on the Chrome menu in the browser toolbar. Select the Settings option.
Click on Show Advanced Settings. In the Privacy section, click on the Content Settings button, then the Cookie and Site Data button. You can then delete them all or select them one by one.
For more information:

With Safari:
Go to Settings > Safari > Clear history and website data.
For more information:

With Opera:
Go to Preferences > Advanced > Cookies
For more information: