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AFD Research on infrastructure

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Research document

Nature-Based Solutions for Hydropower Companies

RT 74 Hydropower VA
Nov 2023
Research document

Universalizing and accelerating electricity access over the next decade through Public Service Delegation (PSD)

Universalizing and accelerating electricity access through Public Service Delegation
Jul 2023
Research document

Effect of typhoons on economic activities in Vietnam: Evidence using satellite imagery

Effect-of-typhoons-on-economic-activities-in-Vietnam _couv1
Oct 2022
Research document

Industrialization in Sub-Saharan Africa

Afrique en développement_Industrialisation en Afrique
Nov 2021
Research document

Rwanda: an effective development model, rising to the challenge of its sustainability

Mar 2021
Research document

The crisis of affordable housing in Jordan

May 2021
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