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AFD : 20 years in Palestine

Over the last twenty years and with a difficult Palestinian history, AFD funded many projects aiming to help the most vulnerable people and to support institutional building of Palestine. In coordination with its local partners and international donors, AFD has been able to develop a dual strategy, strengthening the institutions and operators responsible of public policies, on one hand, and supporting private initiatives, on the other.

This exhibition offers you a focus on some projects, built together with our partners, in order to meet the needs of the people in four regions: the North of the West Bank, Gaza, the Jordan Valley, Hebron and Bethlehem.

This photographic journey was carried out by six photo-journalism students from the West Bank and Gaza who crisscrossed Palestine, meeting AFD partners, as part of a week of mentoring with two professional photographers. Through the eyes of these young photographers, it is actually our partners that we wish to shed the light on. Proud of our partners, with whom we will together build the future, a world in common.

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