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AFD Universal Registration Document 2019

AFD maintained its growth trajectory in 2019 and reached critical size. For the first time, the Group’s commitment approvals exceeded the €14 billion threshold at exactly €14.1 billion, versus €11.4 billion in 2018, an increase of nearly 20%. Over 2,500 employees contributed to this sharp increase by making use of every AFD type of instrument—loans, subsidies, guarantees and equity investments—to finance 1,072 projects.

The AFD Group was able to meet this quantitative challenge while observing the priorities set in the 2018-2022 strategic orientations plan and adhering to its five quantitative commitments:

  • to combat climate change
  • to increase social cohesion
  • to reduce vulnerability in conflict zones by implementing a strategy of “Diplomacy, Defence and Development
  •  to support non-sovereign entities
  • and to continue the automatic switch to partnership.
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