2022 Sustainable Development Goals Bond Reporting

published in September 2023
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Sustainable Development Goals - Bond reporting 2022

Since 2020, AFD has prioritised sustainable issues to reflect the significant overlap of environmental and social impacts with its action aimed at supporting the just transition. 

In 2021, the investor community demonstrated its confidence in these commitments by allowing us to carry out three SDG Bond issues of €1.5B, €1.2B euros and $1.25B.

In 2020, AFD Group established a bond issuance framework that aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to ensure compliance with its commitments to 100% Paris Agreement and 100% Social Link while being present on the markets. 

By investing in our issuances, investors support the financings extended by AFD and the methodology used to take sustainable development issues into account. Through this action, the cornerstone of its sustainable issuance programme, AFD continues to mobilise capital flows to developing countries, where the needs and impacts are highest.

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