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AFD International Conference on Development : Inequalities and Social Cohesion - Synthesis

On December 6th and 7th of 2018, the 13th International AFD Conference - Inequalities and Social Cohesion was held in Paris. It aimed to bring together specialists on the issues of inequality and social cohesion, and take the discussion to the policymakers and the civil society.

The conference took place over two days. The first one was an academic day with parallel sessions. The second one was dedicated to high-level plenary debates open to a wide public. The document which has been produced is an analytical summary of these debates that carried discussions around five themes:

  • Discussing the relation between growth and inequalities;
  • Understanding how inequality and social cohesion change the way we view development;
  • Analyzing the impact of the emergence of the middle classes on inequalities and social cohesion;
  • Explaining how social cohesion is shaped by perceived inequalities;
  • Supporting the reduction of inequality and promoting social cohesion.

Practitioners and researchers from a variety of disciplines, institutions and geographies were present, such as Gaël Giraud, Jean Pierre Marcelli and Thomas Melonio (AFD); Branko Milanovic (LIS); Alicia Barcena (ECLAC); Shanta Devarajan (World Bank Group); Frances Stewart (University of Oxford); Alice Evans (London School of Economics) and François Bourguignon (PSE). 

This analytical summary allows the public to dive into those interesting discussions and better understand the conclusions derived from these vivid dialogues.

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