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AFD exhibition in Laos - 25 years in common

Laos is a resource-rich country. But these resources are regularly threatened by various factors, such as pollution, overexploitation and tourism. In addition, the management of resources often crystallizes tensions, and it is difficult to find common ground between the State, the private sector and communities. 

To show that there are solutions, this exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to travel through the most emblematic places in Laos: Luang Prabang, Nam Et-Plouey National Park, Konglor Cave, Bolaven Plateau… These are places where stakeholders have agreed on objectives and rules for the sustainable use of resources, while ensuring that communities maintain or develop their livelihoods. This is what the principle of  the “commons” is all about, a notion which we (re)discover as we look at the photos. 

AFD has been supporting the sustainable development of Laos since 1994. It has encountered commons or situations which call them into question, and has even contributed to producing them. It wished to showcase them to mark the celebration of its 25th anniversary in the country.

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