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Climate - 2019 Activity Report

The effects of climate change are putting people and ecosystems in peril, especially in the developing countries most vulnerable to climate change. To limit the increase in global temperatures by the end of the century, we need to accelerate the transition to low-carbon societies. And to minimize the irremediable impacts of climate change, we need to strengthen the resilience of these societies.

Since the adoption of the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it has become clear that climate change and development constitute two challenges that must be considered together, rather than pursuing each in opposition to the other.

As a development finance institution, AFD supports the emergence of more sustainable development models, as does its subsidiary Proparco, dedicated to financing the private sector. Its climate actions mirror the objectives of the Paris Agreement: they seek to limit greenhouse gas emissions, encourage adaptation by people and ecosystems to the effects of climate change, and align financial flowswith long-term, low-carbon and resilient development.

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