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AFD Climate 2017 Activity Report

The climate is today the identity marker of the AFD group. In 2018, this already strong orientation was reinforced by the adoption of a new climate strategy (2017-2022), which reflects AFD's ambition to facilitate the implementation of the Paris Agreement and of low-carbon and resilient pathways in developing and emerging countries. To achieve this, the Agency has made four commitments:

  • Ensure a "100% Paris Agreement" activity: the AFD Group wants to make all its financing consistent with low-carbon and resilient development, and support the long-term trajectories of the countries in which it operates.
  • Increase climate finance: the AFD Group sets itself the objective of reaching 5 billion euros of climate finance annually by 2020 in its intervention countries, excluding Overseas. 50% of all its commitments must have climate co-benefits.
  • Redirecting financial flows: the AFD group wants to maximize the ripple effect of its financing on the redirection of private investments. The group also contributes to the animation of the climate emissions market.
  • Build together solutions: beyond its financing, AFD exerts its influence to innovate, co-build and capitalize on good practices, in collaboration with financial, institutional, research and civil society actors.

In 2017, despite the increase in its business volume (+ 10%), the AFD group has maintained its 50% climate co-benefit commitment in terms of adaptation and fight against climate change.

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