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Energy - 2019 Activity Report

In 2019, AFD Group’s financing for energy transition reached €2.8 billion, including some €1 billion for the private sector.

This accounts for 20% of Group allocations, representing an increase of €720 million compared to 2018. Renewable energy and power grid upgrades continue to account for a significant proportion of the activity, and financing for these projects remained stable in 2019. The increase in allocations is due to the success of projects for energy efficiency in buildings and growth in public policy loans to support our partner countries for their lowcarbon energy transition trajectories.

Energy efficiency and public policy support are major priorities of the 2019-2022 energy transition strategy adopted last year. In 2019, there was a convergence of strategic developments and funded projects. This, of course, is the result of the team’s major investment in the Program for Energy Efficiency in Buildings (PEEB) and in the public policy dialogue across all continents. It also highlights two basic trends: that energy transition, particularly energy efficiency, concerns all sectors and is no longer the sole responsibility of energy specialists; and public policy dialogue is complementary to project investments and must be stepped up. Enjoy the report!

Jean-Pierre Barral, Director of the Energy and Digital Transitions Department (ENU).

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