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Energy Transition - 2020 Activity Report

In 2020, despite the exceptional circumstances surrounding the health crisis, our new commitments in the energy sector totaled €1.5 billion (90% AFD and 10% Proparco) and concerned all the priorities of our energy transition strategy.

The year was marked by three major trends:

  • Support for energy transition trajectories with various projects. With a total budget of €278 million, we are supporting policy-based loans, long-term modeling (in 12 countries) and innovative partnerships, such as the South East Asia Energy Transition Partnership (SEA ETP).
  • Energy efficiency remained a major priority (€281 million) in 2020. It is based on the Program for Energy Efficiency in Buildings (PEEB), which supports projects for schools, hospitals and museums.
  • Synergies between public and private financing are being strengthened to promote renewable energies. Commitments in this field stood at €614 million for public and private projects, credit lines and the launch of the new public payment guarantee by AFD.

The year 2020 was also marked by an increase in commitments that facilitate access to electricity, with some €300 million committed, which will reach 5.6 million people. In addition, the launch of the sectoral energy platform aims to increase the mobilization of expertise and synergies between headquarters, field offices, AFD, Proparco and Expertise France.

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