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The consortium EY-ECONOLER has been commissioned by the Evaluation and Knowledge Capitalisation (EVA) unit of the French Development Agency (AFD) in order to evaluate its Sectoral Intervention Framework (called CIS ̶ for Cadre d’Intervention Sectoriel ̶ in French) for Energy, covering the years 2012 to 2016.
The AFD initiated the review of its sectoral intervention frameworks with a view to continuous improvement, so as to draw lessons from good and bad practices and improve future strategies. This exercise also intends to assess the efficiency of AFD’s use of resources, and the development results of its interventions.
The review of the CIS Energy was conducted to assess:
► the relevance of strategic decisions taken in the CIS Energy in relation to the issues and energy requirements of developing countries;
► its consistency with respect to the orientations of other sponsors, to the international goals and to AFD’s institutional strategy;
► the efficiency of the CIS Energy as a framing document in the energy sector;
► the development results achieved through the actions implemented as part of the CIS Energy.
This review should contribute to the reflections associated with the elaboration of a new Intervention Framework (which could evolve into a Cross-cutting Intervention Framework (CIT) for energy transition).

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Julien PEREZ
Alexis GAZZO
Amandine GAL
Stéphanie NOUR
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