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Evaluation Summary - Financial and Technical Support to BDMG for the Development of its Activity with the Minas Gerais State (EMG) Municipalities CBR1051

In Brazil, in the climate sector, the project "Providing financial and technical support to BDMG for the development of its activity with the Minas Gerais State (EMG) municipalities, in the areas of sustainable development" (CBR1051) was subject to an evaluation in 2020.

The project aimed to promote the municipalities' access to the financial resources and technical assistance that they need to build their infrastructure in the areas of sustainable development and the reduction of social and territorial inequalities, with a particular focus on investments with a co-benefit on the issue of combating climate change

Additionally, the project had an implicit objective to continue and strengthen the partnership of AFD with EMG and to bring BDMGs practices closer to international best practices in relation to climate change. AFD support contributed to put the bank ahead of its peers in terms of capacity to promote sustainable development and in the access to international funds.

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