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Evaluation Summary - Ho Chi Minh city Finance and Investment State-owned Company credit line (HFIC)

In Vietnam, for the “Financial intermediaries” formal sector, the Ho Chi Minh city Finance and Investment State-owned Company Credit line (HFIC) was subject to an evaluation in August 2017.

The project was implemented in the context of the Vietnamese government’s strategy to encourage the decentralization of infrastructure investments to the provincial level. The project aimed at accompanying the municipalities’ efforts in urban restructuring and social housing, in facing environmental and higher education challenges and in reinforcing the reception and care facilities of the main hospitals.

The evaluation noted the project’s relevance as well as the effectiveness of the implementation of its sub-projects. Several infrastructures were built for the following sectors: education, health care, social housing and transportation. These infrastructures are of good quality save for two social housing buildings. The project’s outputs are deemed sustainable and the AFD’s intervention model was assessed simple, flexible and supportive.

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E&Y Vietnam
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